Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

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P.S. 115 – The Daniel Mucatel School

“Where Students S.H.I.N.E.”

1500 East 92nd Street Brooklyn, New York 11236
Phone: (718) 241-1000 Fax: (718) 209-1714


Nicole Green, Assistant Principal
Jennifer Troman, Assistant Principal

Jonathan Lee, Principal
Jayne Sclavos, Parent Coordinator
September, 2019

“A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn”

-National Center for Education Statistics

Attendance Policy
PS 115 school hours are from 8:00 AM- 2:20 PM every day. Students are expected to arrive by 8AM, the doors to the school are open daily by 7:40 AM. Students are encouraged to arrive by 7:50 AM to ensure they are ready to line up when the teacher arrives. Families are expected to pick up their child promptly at 2:20 PM. Please check the calendar for any early dismissal days. In the event that you will be late to pick up your child, you must notify school officials. Please refrain from picking up your child before the regular dismissal. In the event that you must pick up the child early, please notify the school prior so that the child can be prepared.

We want our children to understand that as professionals we need to be on time for work. We want to teach our children that we are striving towards becoming leaders and responsible professionals. Lateness hinders the student’s academic learning and growth because the child misses pertinent information and opportunity. Any student that arrives to class after 8 AM will be marked late on their permanent record.

Any absence from school puts a student behind their peers, hindering their academic success. We do understand that there are occasions when a child must miss school due to illness, injury, death, religious observance, educational activity or medical appointment. Although (with proper documentation) these may be considered excused absences, they are still absences. Please ensure that every effort is made to attend school on a regular basis. If you know that your child will be absent, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school of the absence (please call the school at 718-241-
1000). Upon returning to school, please send in a note explaining the reason for the absence. Any student whose attendance rate is less than 90% is considered chronically absent.

Home/School Connection
-It is imperative that the school has the most up to date biographical information for the student. If your address or phone number has changed, please make sure to notify the school.
-If there are any extenuating circumstances that make it difficult to get your child to come to school every day and on time, please feel free to contact the school.