The S.H.I.N.E. Program is a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) System. The S.H.I.N.E. program focuses on the positive actions of the students. It is evidence based and is used to provide preventative, positive and behavioral support for all students.

The key features of S.H.I.N.E. are:

  • Clearly defined behavioral expectations

  • Social & behavioral skills instruction

  • Positive and proactive monitoring

  • Active supervision and monitoring

  • Positive acknowledgment

  • Data based decision making

  • Parent training and collaboration

The Goals of the S.H.I.N.E. Program are:

  • To create a community that supports and sustains implementation of S.H.I.N.E. in all school settings.

  • To create awareness and shared language for addressing the social and behavioral needs of students at P.S. 115.

  • To regain the teaching time currently spent in managing misbehavior.

  • Maximize instructional time and academic achievement for all students.

  • Increase family engagement in schools.

SHINE program expectation matrix for all school areas

I SHINE... Hallway/Staircase Classroom Cafeteria Bathroom Auditorium Recess/ Schoolyard
I SHINE when I show strength, so I will: -Use good manners. -Keep hands and feet to myself. -Wait my turn to speak. -Keep my hands and feet to myself. -Respect the property of the cafeteria and others. -Respect other's privacy. -Keep my hands and feet to myself. -Keep your hands and feet to myself.
I SHINE when I am Honorable, so I will: -Watch where I'm going. -Have my hands at my side. -Use kind words and inside voice. -Use appropriate language, and tone when talking to your students and adults. -Listen for instructions. -Use a quiet voice. -Listen to the presenters and other adults for directions. -Stay in line with your class, respect personal space and don't lag behind.
I SHINE when I show Integrity, so I will: -Get permission/pass to leave class. -Walk on the right side of the hallway. -Keep our space neat and organized. -Stay in my seat. -Throw away all food/snacks/trays upon completion of meals. -Stay at your assigned table. -Enter/Exit quickly and return to class promptly. -Be an active participant in auditorium activities. -Be a role model and show my class how to play properly.
I SHINE when I am Noble, so I will: -Go only where I need to go. -Follow directions and routines. -Quietly form an orderly line. - Flush toilets as needed. - Clap at appropriate times. -Accept my place or spot in line when walking out to and from the yard.
I SHINE when I show Excellence, so I will: -Walk quietly. -Face forward. -Stay on task. -Complete all our schoolwork. -Be prepared to learn and work. -Keep floors clean -Eat lunch in a timely matter. -Set a positive example for your peers. -Ask to use the bathroom when necessary. -Keep bathroom clean. -Enter/Exit quietly. -Sitting correctly. -Walk quietly out to the yard. -Listen to the adults in the yard.