Ms. Heredia & Ms. Sloane

Ms. Sloane

Welcome! This is my 6th year at PS 115 and I am currently a 3rd grade ICT Special Education Teacher. Over these 6 years at PS 115, I have taught both general and special education classes in grades 2 through 5. I graduated SUNY Cortland with my Bachelors in Childhood Education and English and Hofstra University with my Masters in Literacy and Special Education. I am currently certified in Early Childhood and Childhood Education, Special Education, and Literacy. My belief is that every child can learn no matter the obstacles as long as everyone (child, teachers, and caregivers) puts in the effort to work as a team towards a common goal. I look forward to working with all of you, as I do each and every year!

Ms. Heredia​
Ms. Heredia is a New York City elementary school teacher. She is enjoys learning new ways to better reach her students and help them succeed in school. She is able to teach and relate to her students because she is a product of New York City public education system. She attended elementary school, junior high school and high school in Brooklyn, New York. After much unconditional support from her parents and hard work and dedication, she successfully completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the City University of New York, which is the public university of New York City.

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