Ms. Kanter

Hello and welcome to my first P.S. 115 page!

I am a dedicated 2nd Grade teacher with a passion for teaching and find great joy in creating opportunities for children to learn and succeed. In my 19-year career I have taught hundreds of students in kindergarten through 6th grade, all subjects and all ability levels in both public and private schools. I find great joy in the daily successes and am relentless in tackling the many challenges that occur while working together with my students. I firmly believe every child has a gift to be celebrated and the ability to learn. It is imperative for me to partner with the adults in my students’ lives as well as other staff members to create a support team that ensures educational success. Each morning as I arrive in my classroom, it is my hope and promise that my students will learn and their world will be a better place at the end of the day than it was when they arrived at school that morning.

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