Ms. Ross & Ms. Fraser

Hello All!
A pleasure to be given this platform to share a bit about ourselves with you all. We have been working together as co-teachers for two years now. We are both parents, and enjoy spending time with our families. We work together to plan Math, Reading , Writing , Social Studies and Science lessons for the class . Majority of the day we spend working in small groups with students, supporting students who are struggling in particular areas, and modeling good citizenship behaviors. Our plan this year is to help our students become fluent and proficient readers, become great problem solvers, and be integrity keepers. There’s a phrase “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” With this in mind, we are dedicated to working diligently with the students to instill the importance of working hard, never giving up, and always giving their best! We hope to have a successful school year with our students and looking forward to the support from our parents. Parents can contact us on ClassTag for questions or concerns about their child or call us through the school .

Teaching Careers:
Ms.Ross – 23 years as an educator at P.S 115

Ms. Fraser- 3 years as an educator at P.S 115