Ms. Sparer

My name is Lori Sparer, and I am speech language pathologist at P.S. 115. I have been working as a Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped for the Department of Education for 16 years. I began working at PS. 115 five years ago after returning from child care leave. I was home raising my two boys, Dylan (11) and Jackson (9). Upon my return from leave, I decided to apply for a position in District 18. I was born and raised in Canarsie and was delighted to learn that there was a position available in the elementary school that I attended, PS 115. As a speech teacher, I work with students who have expressive and receptive language delays, phonological processing disorders and auditory processing disorders just to name a few. I am lucky to get to work with my students individually and in small groups as my students and I get to know each other very well in this type of setting. The skills that the students work on in speech are critical for their success in the classroom. I believe it’s very important for me to try to build confidence in the students that I work with and to show them that learning can be fun!

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