Ms. Trapp

Welcome to my page. I am a general education teacher with a passion for education. My educational philosophy centers on the belief that every child has the ability to learn. It is my responsibility to create a safe, fun, and productive learning environment in which each child is willing to try, and succeed. I truly believe that we grow in a community and I enjoy the challenge of developing critical thinkers who are passionate about learning. I am adamant about creating and maintaining a school and home relationship. When parents and teachers work together, a child has a team of adults who are committed in bringing out his or her best. Thus, we must support each other in ways that keeps this goal in mind. 


Let me tell you a little about myself. My parents migrated from Guyana, South America to provide my brothers and me with more opportunities. Both my mother and father worked two jobs while I was growing up. Although it was challenging for them to participate within the school community, they taught us the importance of education. Education, they said, opened closed doors.  They told us that it is the one thing that could not be taken away. These ideas resonate with me even now. They catapulted me into the field of education. Those ideas inspired me to obtain two Master degrees: Special Education and Educational Leadership. 


I am a product of the NYC public school system. I believe in our system’s ability to provide quality, free education. Through collaboration and inter-dependency, we will educate our children and provide them with a solid foundation that cannot be taken away. 


I leave you with one of my favorite quote from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world!” This notion drives my daily work within my classroom. I work to inspire lasting positive change.

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